80% Jig Set

80% Jig Set
80% Jig Set 80% Jig Set 80% Jig Set 80% Jig Set
Brand: Billet Rifle Systems
Product Code: BRJig001
Availability: 6
Price: $72.00
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Use this jig set to complete your 80% Lower, billet or forged.


This jig set utilizes the front and rear take down pin holes to locate the receiver.


Three pieces total.  Two side pieces and one top plate that is used for all operations.  Hardware included.


Our Jig Set now accepts forged lowers such as Tactical Machining lowers.


(Disclaimer: Not all forgings are the same, we used a Tactical Machining lower as a mock up piece for this,  but we can't guarantee a perfect fit on forgings as we can on our billet lowers but also keep in mind Tactical Machining lowers can be different as well)


This jig set fits our lowers perfectly but we can't guarantee that it will fit other billet 80% lowers from other manufacturers.


This jig set does NOT come with instructions or blue prints.  This information is widely availble via a simple google search.





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